Medical Kits

The right medical kit available during an emergency can make the difference between life and death.

Our kits are designed by our on staff paramedics who have years of experience in the the field. We do not add “FLUFF” items as fillers. Every piece of equipment is included for maximum benefit to a sick or injured person.

What makes our kits better?  We have spent countless hours researching other kits.  What we found were the same results with most of them.  We have more supplies included.  All of our supplies can be deployed and utilized by anyone with first aid and CPR training.  Our kits are designed to treat multiple people.

Our kits are custom tailored for specific needs.

Deluxe Venue/Arena Kit

Basic Kit

Hemorrhage /Active Shooter Kits

Kits for home, office or vehicle.

Individual First Aid Kits

Contact us for information or to have us build a kit for your specific needs.